PAN needs your help to get more equal PrEP access.
We know it's been a while since our last party, and you must have blue balls by now :-)

We've been hell for leather since
BLEW Heaven

You can help us do this by giving a LOAD (of cash). Non-attendance tickets for the event are available if you can't come, or would like to donate. Limited number of tickets are available so get in quick!

Cum and put your prevention strategies to good use, and have a great fuck while you're at it.

Head to for more info
See what PAN has been able to achieve with your help.

*Tickets are strictly limited. Limited CASH + CARD door sales on the night.
*Tickets are non-refundable
*No photography

Friday 6th July @ The Dungeon
7pm – Late

Grab your tickets $30 -->

100% of ticket sales and donations assist PAN continuing to work toward wider PrEP access through advocacy and education.

PAN (PrEPaccessNOW Inc) is a non-funded community advocacy group.
BLEW Heaven is a non-licensed men-only event.